The history of PowerHouse + P84

Future projects

What does the future hold? We've got numerous projects we're working on besides improving P84. Including groundbreaking stuff such as bending time and exploring parallel universes.

5th of December, 2012

Project 84 on trial

A dark period in our history but we aren't trying to hide it. We were wrongfully accused of being involved in the death of 1453 people who tried Project 84. We won the trial and kept working hard!

Feburary through December, 2002

PowerHouse is founded

Hawk along with Squirrel founded the company in the basement of Hawk's parents. Here they experimented on each other's brains with spare parts of Squirrel's Fiat. The next decade was a mess.

18th of October, 1984

PowerHouse on the market

On March 16, 2011 we went on the stock market and within mere hours ours stocks soared through the roof. Everybody wanted a piece of the success that is PowerHouse and its projects.

16th of March, 2011

First succesful implantation of P84

This is pivotal to PowerHouse. It marks the first succesful implantation of our P84 chip and lens. The connection was brief and limited: The subject was linked to our typewriter for 24 minutes.

13th of June, 2001

Affiliates & Contributers

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